Board Application Type Google Updated With The Advice Of Personalization Based On The Use Of are using Android 4.0 has been able to enjoy the benefits of a keyboard Google for a while. If You’re not familiar with the latest features of this App, use this guide to familiarize yourself with a lot of great features.

If You do not have one of these Android devices are capable of using a keyboard Google, You can earn money to upgrade when You sell your phone. Soon, keyboard Google will make a recommendation based on the use of other Google products, so maybe this is the right time to sell your phone and get the Android device.

Features of keyboard Google
Type with Gestures rather Than keystrokes
Typing sound
Dictionary of 26 languages
Suggestions for the next words and to complete the current word
Can sync with other Android devices and tablets
What Advice Personalization?

Smartphones and other devices have the ability to make suggestions for words for a long time. The difference now is that Android users use keyboard Google will have an ” advice Personalization.”Through Your use of Google products, keyboard “learns” about You and make suggestions based on Your history . Features will be enabled as the default.

After You install the update, You will receive a warning that the keyboard will start using the advice from other Google services including Gmail, Calendar, Google+ and Google Drive.

The user will have the option to turn off this feature and can even delete the data that Google has collected to make this feature work. If You choose to leave it, the keyboard application will start learning immediately, providing other Google services to encourage the application. Shortly then, You’ll see suggestions that looks familiar because You have used them before.

Privacy Concerns

While the app has many features, some people who are concerned with privacy. It is actually a concern with many Google products. Fortunately, like any application, there is a way to protect your privacy. If You prefer, You can choose another application that does not use a lot of personal information.

If You are interested in Google Keyboard app or the update, You may need to sell a phone that is not compatible with Android and buy them in order to get it. The app will be available in the next few days in the majority of app store. Of course, if You want to use this app, You should get a Android. Now may be the right time to sell your iPhone and switch to Android.

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